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Time is gold.
Nowadays the use of public transportation implies opening an app, checking the next vehicle's arrival and running. Fast.

When you see a delay on the app feed, frustration takes over and Trafficmood makes turns that reality into a graphical piece of interpreted information.
Trafficmood is a script that collects and interprets, in an abstract way, the TPG delays – Geneva Public Transports - and automatically sends a printed letter to their headquarters.
This project is about creating a material form to a digital interpretation. Not a complaint, but a graphic representation of the traffic’s “mood”.

Discover a collection of real letters sent to the TPG headquarters.

pictures taken by Julien Deceroi.

Interactive project created by Giulio Barresi, interaction design student at ECAL. Special thanks to Frizull for the coding support.

please use device in portrait mode.